ISSG Logistics offers companies the ability to integrate a Supply Chain Response capability to address any critical needs or shortfalls. By pre-positioning critical spares at our warehouse, the time it takes to move those critical spares is largely determined by the time it takes to meet regulatory requirements (such as Customs), load the aircraft and travel to where you need that part delivered. For our partners and clients, this offers the following significant benefits:

  • Reduced warehousing and warehouse infrastructure costs,
  • The ability to maintain reasonable stocks of critical equipment, stores and supplies since they can be positioned to cover multiple locations and not a single location
  • Secure off-site storage that remains free and clear of the events that affected your location.


Combined with state-of-the-art inventory management systems, inventories of your stored materiel are made available to you as requested. This provides your organization with the necessary oversight, transparency, and preparedness to demonstrate to your clients that you have taken reasonable steps to protect your organization and your ability to deliver goods and services to them.

This service also plays a key role in our support to the International Humanitarian Central Hub. These key benefits include the following:

  • Clear, concise, and up-to-date inventory management for materiel, meeting the highest standards for accountability with respect to the purchasing, allocation, pre-positioning, and movement of accountable materiel,
  • Secure storage that ensures that critical supplies can be identified, located, picked, and moved quickly, drastically reducing the time needed to respond to crises,
  • Storage within the Free Trade Zone meaning that the movement of goods can proceed more quickly and the import of those goods into the country that needs them can be expedited.


ISSG Logistics offers our partners and clients to take advantage the latest principles in supply chain security and organizational resilience, helping them in demonstrating their own accountability, responsibility and mission focus.