New markets and emerging markets are often at the very edge of the frontier. As a company, you need to be able to move people and supplies to those locations but the transportation infrastructure is often primitive, or even just being developed. Do you wait and risk your competitors gaining ground or do you move and consolidate your position? In these increasingly difficult and competitive global environments, waiting can put your organization’s operations at risk.

For those delivering humanitarian aid to those in need, the race is to deliver critical equipment, personnel and supplies to where they are needed. In those cases, the risk is not in terms of profit and competitive position—it is about human lives and the ability of a society to get back to its day-to-day lives. In both cases, the basic issue is the same—the equipment, personnel or goods just have to get there on time where they are needed and ready to be put to use.

Our fleet of ships and aircraft can give you the competitive edge in that race—that ability to move into austere locations and keep your operations moving. 

Our ships give you a capability to move massive volumes of materiel, essentially letting you start the race to get materiel on site on time faster. These ships can be positioned to arrive at port to offload your materiel or, if the need arises, can be offloaded by sling-load using our one of our fleet of helicopters. This reduces the potential for delays at some ports, allowing you to get your shipments through customs and en route to their final destination faster.

Our aircraft can deliver loads up to 50 tonnes anywhere in the world, giving you a significant heavy lift capability. Does the lack of runways near your location cause you challenges? Our aircraft can handle landing in austere conditions and, in the most difficult of conditions, our helicopters are able to sling load 20 tonnes of materiel in a single lift. Aircraft are only one part of the picture.

Our delivery system is a full supply chain solution. This means more than shipping things quickly to the right location—it means shipping it so that it arrives at the right time at that location. Our management team understands the risks that can be posed by shipments being late or shipments being made too early. Our secure warehousing and inventory control systems allow you to time that shipment to best effect. This means that you can maintain stocks of equipment and materiel that can absorb the shocks in the supply chain—without having to maintain burdensome and costly inventories at each location.

This supply chain solution is the next generation of the “just-in-time supply chain” that can leave organizations caught short in certain circumstances. Often referred to as the “just-in-case” system, this structure gives your organization part of the resiliency it needs to respond to circumstances concisely and confidently.