Who We Are


ISSG GROUP OF COMPANIES oversees the efforts of a community of organizations that focus on the ability to move persons and goods to meet critical demands.

These critical demands may involve providing support to humanitarian missions as they seek to alleviate the suffering of vulnerable populations through the provision of water, food, and shelter. They may also include the delivery of specialized materiel or equipment in support of economic activities within a region. In all cases, the lack of these people or this materiel places populations and operations at risk—a risk that is not alleviated until that demand is met.

This demand falls into a range of categories, each of which has its own characteristics. These can be described in terms of their impacts:

  • Predictable, long-term events— such as areas suffering from extended droughts (etc) that can persist for generations,
  • Predictable, short-term events— such as areas that are suffering from conflict (etc) that can persist for up to several years,
  • Unpredictable, long-term events – such as catastrophic natural disasters that lead to conditions where recovery efforts may span generations, and
  • Unpredictable, short-term events – such as severe storms (etc) that lead to conditions where recovery efforts may not last more than months.

The ISSG GROUP OF COMPANIES group recognizes that each of these kinds of events requires a different form of logistical or transportation support and will maintain a system that can respond effectively to and evolve as needed. Predictable, long-term events may allow for more permanent infrastructure to be established and sustained closer to the area affected without concern of causing undue strain on relief efforts. Predictable, short-term events may not allow for permanent infrastructure to be used, but still allow for relief supplies to be positioned in anticipation of events. Unpredictable events, however, do not allow supplies or infrastructure to be established. In the case of unpredictable, long-term events, the effort may require all of the delivery of immediate aid, the establishment of infrastructure appropriate to sustained operations and then the maintenance of a consistent flow of aid. On the other hand, short term events may require that only critical supplies be provided. Each of these different conditions requires its own unique approach.

ISSG GROUP OF COMPANIES will meet this demand by maintaining operations in line with the following concepts:
- A robust system—using assets that are designed to withstand difficult environmental conditions and in complex environments,
- A resilient system – planning and assigning operations so that they reflect an effective and efficient effort in response to emerging or existing conditions,
- A community-based system – that maximizes the strengths of each partner and that has the ability, through combined efforts, to maintain operations well-below what could be sustained if each organization operated independently, and
- An intelligent system – one that is able to identify emerging conditions quickly (allowing for a more effective response) and respond effectively through lessons learned, training and other capacity-building activities.

ISSG GROUP OF COMPANIES will focus its efforts on what it is best able to do with the resources available. By maintaining a system that brings together various humanitarian efforts, those resources can be moved efficiently without placing an undue burden on any one partner. At the same time, ISSG GROUP OF COMPANIES will maintain a broad range of capabilities, allowing mission planners the opportunity to choose the best tool for the job.

Flexibility and operational focus is one of ISSG GROUP OF COMPANIES greatest strength. By working backwards from the solution, needs are more clearly identified and the opportunities needed to meet those needs are more readily apparent. Our primary goal is to ensure that the mission is achieved and can be sustained...and to find the appropriate solutions necessary to make that happen.

ISSG GROUP OF COMPANIES’s ability to think outside the box—sometimes described as periodically checking inside the box—is one of its greatest strengths. The source of this strength comes from a unique balance of technical competence, operational experience and continuous learning brought together under a management structure that truly recognizes the value of innovation, creativity and persistence.

ISSG GROUP OF COMPANIES will play a pivotal role in the humanitarian supply chain. It will, through coordination and community building, help humanitarian aid agencies leverage off each other’s operations and plans. It will, through creativity and innovation, find solutions to complex challenges. It will, through maintaining an operational focus and persistence of effort prevail under difficult conditions and during high operational tempos. It will, by harmonizing efforts at various points within the supply chain, provide the international aid agencies better assurance that the humanitarian aid can get to its location on time, in acceptable condition and for reasonable costs.

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