Assisting NGOs

The ISSG NGO supports the UN OCHA / OSOCC and NGO missions in the field and through all phases of the disaster management cycle. Humanitarian Central provides a key resource for organizations to conduct planning activities. Our coordination of airlift capabilities mitigates one of the most significant NGO costs—allowing them to focus on supporting the affected populations. Our floating warehouses provide a key step in being able to prepare for a disaster—ensuring that needed equipment, supplies and capacity can be located and deployed quickly. Our ability to establish the Forward Operating Base (FOB) in support of UN OCHA OSOCC activities reduces the logistical strain on those organizations—while vastly expanding the tools available to conduct relief operations.

The ISSG NGO provides this support without eroding the relief efforts themselves.

By establishing this capacity with visionary national support, the ISSG NGO provides a tool by which NGOs can focus their efforts and donors can be assured that their contributions are being focussed to best effect.


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